Solution that is 100 % automated, simple and effective for any creator who is a copyright holder and seeks a safe security against any attempt of unauthorized reproduction of his work.

Why choosing StopCopie solution ?

All protection systems have not resisted very long to illegal copying. Today there is a multitude of software that enable to "rip" a DVD easily to a PC to copy. In contrast, ‘StopCopie’ protection solutions are distinguished by their undisputed efficiency by the advantage of being able to:

  • Physically prevent current "RIPPING" software from extracting video streams contained in the digital media discs;
  • Physically prevent the transfer or the copying of video streams contained in the digital physical media of any storage disk (internal or external);
  • Physically prevent the transfer or non legal online distribution of video files on the web, which ensures that your privacy will be truly protected;
  • Restrict, thanks to logical protection, the copying of the image disk or the DVD to DVD software with advanced etching and / or software (maps) of digital image acquisition.
  • According to the law of private copying (legitimate interests of the acquirer), the solutions ‘StopCopie’ give you the opportunity to make a legal backup while retaining the technical protective device on the original DVD movie.

    If and only if the law of your country allows you to deny the legal right to private copying, , and if you want extra security against illegal copying of your work, in this case, you can first join one of the jamming systems of the following content: "(CSS)" and / or "RipGuard" to your iso image file. It is only just after you could add the Anti rip solution of "StopCopie" to said iso image.

    Some functions of playback media were locked to prevent any attempt to directly capture the video stream during media playback.

    Discs protected by "StopCopie" solutions are fully compatible with conventional players. They are also playable on PC media "Nero ShowTime" or similar players.