Who are we

"StopCopie" is a Moroccan company whose main objective is to work for the best design solutions for protection against illegal copying of digital content attached to the optical storage media.

The technical process used by "StopCopie" against extraction softwares of data set on optical media is to stoker cells of executable computer program files and those of the video stream (VOB: Video Object Block) in undetectable sectors by operation systems (Windows, Unix and Mac). Therefore, the extraction of video streams and / or executable data from the optical disc or ISO image to the hard drive (Hard Disk Drive) of a computer is practically impossible. This prevents; then, the online (peer-to-peer) illegal software and video content attached to optical media on the Web.

According to EL Gamali Abdennasser the founder of "StopCopie" Company and the inventor of this new technique of protection against illegal copying, the protection system is distinguished from other security solutions by its unprecedented technological innovation and resistance against ripping utilities.

We have made every effort to ensure that the use of software "StopCopie" is simple, easy to the point that it doesn't require any prior computer competence from the part of the user. Software of protection is immediately operational after downloading. Download, start and go, the protection process takes place without any intervention, it is 100% automated, except for calls to certain confirmations about additional notifications. Once your master media is protected, the iso file can be burned to blank DVD normally with your favorite burning software.

We are aware that any protection will not have value unless it is tested. For this reason, we invite you to test the sample for 'StopCopie' protection available below. Once the iso image file is downloaded, burn it to a blank DVD with your favorite burning software. So you can judge for yourself the effectiveness of the protection Anti-Rip "StopCopie".

List of samples of protectionPropertyTo test *
Protection Anti-Rip DVD-VideoActivatedDownload
Protection Anti-Rip Video to BluRayIn progressDownload
Protection Anti-Copy DVD-VideoIn progressDownload
Protection Anti-Copy BluRay VideoIn progressDownload
Protection Anti-Rip for Video on Demand (VOD)In progressDownload
Protection Anti-Rip for video gamesIn progressDownload
Physical protection of Windows executables filesIn progressDownload
Protection Anti-Rip for Medical ImagingIn progressDownload
Protection Anti-Rip for photographic imageIn progressDownload

* Our softwares is currently availables on Windows Operating Systems.