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  • Company name: "StopCopie"
  • Core business: Sale and design of illegal copy protection software.
  • Year of creation: 2008
  • Limited liability company with a capital of: 100.000 DHs
  • RC registration number: 8165 (court of Laâyoune)
  • Headquarters: Av. Abou Fariss EL HAMADANI, N° 11 Hay EL WAHDA 1 Laâyoune 70020 – Maroc
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Warning statement


The User accepts and recognizes the warning statements quoted below:

  • It is of course, that the protection system "StopCopie" cannot offer a resistance to the copy to 100%. The solution ‘StopCopie’ is not infallible, its effectiveness can decrease with time;
  • Software or the Services are provided "in the state" and with all their defects;
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