The implementation of the protection StopCopie

The diagram below clearly explains the steps of the implementation of "StopCopie" protective measures for DVD-Video and BluRay. For this, we must distinguish between two protective measures: Anti-Copy DVD-Video and protection Anti-Rip DVD-Video protection, as defined in the diagram below:

Diagram technical aspects StopCopie

Technical principles

Depending on the characteristics of the optical media copy to be protected, the author has invented several invisible virtual tracks. This technique makes the files: .dat, .vob, .avi, .exe, .dll, etc., physically invisible by operating systems installed on desktops. it also prevents "Ripping" software from ripping the content of optical media on the hard drive of a computer; for example, placing illegal online video files on the Internet would be physically impossible.
To date, this second technique is new and unknown to the developers specialized in protection against illegal copying of video streams.